Jul 1, 2010

News: Sonic Kicks Off National Hot Dog Month with Footlong Quarter Pound Coney

Sonic's Footlong Quarter Pound Coney
July is National Hot Dog Month and Sonic is celebrating with the menu addition of the Footlong Quarter Pound Coney for $2.99.

The Footlong Quarter Pound Coney features a footlong quarter pound hot dog (obviously!) made from a blend of beef and pork topped with warm chili and melted cheese.  If the picture is any indication, it looks quite big.

Nutritional information available after the jump.

As with anything containing a hot dog AND chili, sodium is fairly high for the salt-conscious.

Nutritional Info - Footlong Quarter Pound Coney Dog (299g)
Calories - 810 (from Fat - 480)
Fat - 53g (Saturated Fat - 22g)
Sodium - 1800mg
Carbs - 56g (Sugar - 9g)
Protein - 33g

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  1. I had one. Like all Sonic coneys I loved it. I'm not sure about the difference between this "bigger" on and the normal XL cheese coney. This one is supposed to be bigger but costs less right now with the promotion. I wonder if I should order one of these and one of the others to see if it's different or if they're just marketing the old one as new.


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