Jul 1, 2010

Review: The Coffee Bean - Ultimate Dark Chocolate Ice Blended

The Coffee Bean's Ultimate Dark Chocolate Ice Blended is a dark chocolate powder blended with coffee extract, ice, milk, and chocolate-covered espresso beans.

A regular 16-ounce is $3.95.

I've pretty much tried every coffee-based ice-blended drink available, and this one is the winner for me. It is surprising how the dark chocolate powder dissolves completely into a cold beverage; I can't even get any cocoa powder I've tried to dissolve completely in hot water!

The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Ice Blended has a rich, dark chocolate flavor with a balanced sweetness that isn't too strong.  Little bits of ground up chocolate-covered espresso beans that add a bit of texture, although some might not like the graininess.  I've drunk many a Ultimate or regular Dark Chocolate Ice Blended, and am impressed at how they're consistently well-blended (I haven't had such luck at Baskin Robbins).

No Nutritional Info Available.

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