Jul 6, 2010

Review: KFC - Grilled Doublicious Sandwich

Grilled Doublicious Sandwich top view
Upon inspection, KFC's Grilled Doublicious sandwich is the healthier of the two new Doublicious sandwiches; it contains a grilled chicken breast instead of deep-fried Original Recipe and forgos bacon. Instead, the Grilled Doublicious replaces bacon with a smattering of shredded lettuce and the Colonel's Sauce with honey mustard BBQ sauce. The super soft, sweet Hawaiian bun and mild slice of Monterey Jack remain the same.

Since the bacon only seemed to add saltiness in the regular Doublicious, I can't say I missed it in the Grilled Doublicious. While the replacement of lettuce was rather scarce, I still got a bit of crisp lettuce texture which was more than I could say for the more visually apparent bacon. I definitely could have used some more lettuce.

I have to say, I like the panini-style grill marks, it's pretty visually appealing... well, if you ever open up your sandwich to see.
KFC Grilled Doublicious inside view
Of the two Doublicious sandwiches, I prefer the grilled version, its flavor is more balanced and it's much less salty. The Sister also liked the grilled version better as well.

It's curious that it tasted less salty, since the grilled filet is listed as containing more salt than the Original Recipe one. The only explanation I can come up with is that the salt is more evenly distributed in the grilled version whereas it is concentrated in the batter of the Original Recipe.
KFC Grilled Doublicious side view
The Monterey Jack cheese doesn't shine any better in the Grilled version, it still doesn't really add any flavor.  I think they could have made the Grilled Doublicious a lot healthier by default by subtracting the cheese and sauce.  You'd get a better taste of the sweetness of the bun and the savoriness of the chicken without any distractions.
KFC Grilled Doublicious side view
The Grilled Doublicious is available at my local KFC for a pricey $4.29, but is also available as a combo with individual potato wedges and a medium drink for $5, which represent a much more palatable bargain.

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Nutritional Info - Doublicious with Grilled Filet (200g)
Calories - 360 (from Fat - 100)
Fat - 11g (Saturated Fat - 4g)
Sodium - 940mg
Carbs - 33g (Sugar - 9g)
Protein - 34g


  1. Can you get it with Bacon?

  2. I never asked but I'm sure they can add bacon for you but they might charge you for it.

  3. Bleh, give me chick fli a anyday! P.S. I still haven't made it back since my failed Sunday expedition.

  4. I tried the original version and I wasn't impressed.


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