Jul 27, 2010

News: Some Interesting McDonald's Numbers

McDonald's McCafe Menu
Apparently, McDonald's McCafe sales aren't doing so hot according to this article. In June, McDonald's restaurants averaged 24 specialty coffee (that's lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas I believe, and does not include their regular coffee) drinks a day. I was really surprised at how low that is, I always thought fast food restaurants had to do a lot of volume to make money. I can make 24 specialty coffee drinks a day at home!

On a brighter note, McDonald's is selling over 80 frappes a day. Then again, it is the summer, so you'd think the demand for hot drinks would be down and cold drinks would be up.

If you ever wondered how much McDonald's sells of other items, it's really not that much but I guess it adds up:

- They sell 175 Sweet Teas a day (then again, Sweet Teas are only $1 this summer).
- 50 Angus burgers a day
- As for the Mac Snack Wrap, a pithy 16 a day. Sad, I know. I guess the people have spoken and it'll probably be gone soon. For the few fans of the Mac Snack Wrap, you can grab onto the hope that it'll be brought back now and again as a seasonal item.