Jul 19, 2010

Review: In-N-Out - Secret Menu - Animal Style

In N Out Animal Style
Probably the most popular burger variation at In-N-Out is the vaunted "Animal Style" which is a burger of your choice with hand-leafed lettuce, tomatoes slices, a beef patty (or two or three) with mustard seared in during grilling, pickles, extra spread (thousand island), and grilled onions. Pictured above is a In-N-Out Hamburger Animal Style which comes in at a reasonable $1.75.

In-N-Out takes the specialist approach to fast food, where they only make a few items but they make them well. I figure there's less opportunity to screw up when you only have to remember how to make a burger and fries. Of course, this also means that it's not the place to go when you feel like having some onion rings or zucchini sticks.
In N Out Animal Style
As far as the Animal Style Hamburger goes it's very good and the pickles give it a bit of a Big Mac vibe. But other than that, I don't find it much different than a regular In-N-Out Hamburger which is also very good. I don't know that I pick up on the extra spread and mustard. Still, a fair amount of my friend and relatives swear by the Animal Style. Sometimes, I'll get it just because, but usually my order is a Cheeseburger with grilled onions which is just classic.
In N Out Animal Style
I've included the nutrition information for a Hamburger below but the In-N-Out site didn't have the information on getting extra spread and pickles but if I were to guess, it would tax on a bit more sodium and a little more fat.

In-N-Out Restaurant Locations

Nutritional Info - Hamburger with Onions (243g)
Calories - 390 (from Fat - 170)
Fat - 19g (Saturated Fat - 5g)
Sodium - 650mg
Carbs - 39g (Sugar - 10g)
Protein - 16g


  1. "Sometimes, I'll get it just because" is the reason most people go to In-N-Out. Californians are incredibly vocal about how this is the best burger in the universe, so the rest of us go "Oh, okay then" and make our zombie-like shuffling out to our cars, never quite realizing what we're doing until we get home and break out of our trances.

    They're good burgers, though. Not great, just good.

  2. Animal style! Where are the fries?

  3. Actually Frankie, the phrase "sometimes, I'll get it just because" refers to the OP getting the burger "animal style" as opposed to his regular order of Cheeseburger with grilled onions.

    I personally am a fan on In-n-Out. I can really taste the difference in their fresh, never-frozen, patties and fries. You can't get a better burger for the price. Obvi, if you wanted to spring for a gourmet burger with aged beef, caramelized onions, applewood bacon compote, gruyere, maytag blue cheese and arugula, you'd go somewhere else. But that's another musing for another Office Burger day...


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