Jul 3, 2010

Review: KFC - Doublicious Sandwich

KFC Doublicious Box
KFC's follow up to the infamous Double Down is the curiously named Doublicious sandwich. The Doublicious is basically a Double Down, minus Original Recipe breast filet, sandwiched in between a sweet Hawaiian bread bun.

 It is available in a promotional combo with an individual order of Potato Wedges and a medium drink for $5. You can also buy it a la carte for $4.29 in my area. There's also a grilled variant (that replaces bacon with lettuce?!) that I'll take on later.

The Doublicious is pretty much an ordinary sandwich with a gimmicky and unexplained name. I guess it's the dual combination of the sweet bun and the savory filet? (The box does say "Two tastes. One sandwich.") Like the Double Down, it still tastes pretty salty although understandable less so than the Double Down. The filet breading was suitably crunchy and Original Recipe herby.
KFC Doublicious topview
The bacon looked pretty good, especially for fast food, but I didn't really get a good taste of typical smoky bacon flavor which made me sad.

The Monterey Jack cheese, while a good thickness, was very mild, largely inoffensive, and barely there tastewise.
KFC Doublicious inside
The Colonel's sauce is definitely some variant of a honey mustard sauce mixed with a mayo maybe. It's sweet, tart, and tangy.

The main attraction would definitely have to be the bun. The bun was really squishy soft; like a cloud on your fingers! But seriously, it's really soft, and fairly light as well. It is what would typically be regarded as a junior-size bun at most fast food restaurant although it is a bit taller. Still, I like my biscuit idea better.
KFC Doublicious side view
Overall, there was a very good bun-to-meat ratio. Since the breast is larger than the bun, you don't have to worry about getting a meatless bite, unless, on the rare occasion, you get a breast that is narrow and long.

While the Doublicious is pretty good and well-built, it's just not something I would crave; it just doesn't have that extra intangible "oomph!" for me. It is also a tad expensive at premium fast food pricing. Still, I'm sure the Doublicious will find its fair share of fans.

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Nutritional Info - Doublicious with Original Recipe Filet (187g)
Calories - 470 (from Fat - 210)
Fat - 23g (Saturated Fat - 6g)
Sodium - 980mg
Carbs - 34g (Sugar - 7g)
Protein - 33g


  1. I have a coupon for a free side and drink with the purchase of the sandwich. I think I will give it a try today for lunch.

  2. I finally had one, and honestly I thought it was really good. Maybe it's because I wasn't expecting much (I was given it, I didn't get it myself). The whole sweet bun thing sounded weird, but it actually was alright, it's not too sweet like I was worried about. I must've got a great piece of chicken too, it was one of the best I've had at KFC in a while. And I don't usually like cheese with chicken in fast food, but you're right, it was mild and while it didn't add much, it didn't bother me. I noticed the bacon once in a while, but it's not very prominent. I guess that part could be better, but I don't generally buy chicken sandwiches for their bacon.

    All in all, overpriced, sure. But how many decent chicken sandwiches aren't these days? Taste wise it worked for me. I'd get it again if I had a coupon or something, or if someone else was buying. :)

  3. I thought it would be Double Down sandwiched with bread but there is only 1 piece of chicken!

  4. hmm i like how u took these pictures on the grass. looks like a picnic or something.

  5. tried last night seemed to be dry chicken breast was over done real crunchy dry not juicyat all

  6. Well I love this sandwich. Lots of flavor, its enjoyable. Though expensive for a small sandwich, which you then need more food. Going the meal route isn't worth it. Yeah a dollar more for plain wedges and a drink, weak choice. So getting a snaker or two will fill u up, making it a 8 dollar meal, and a lot of calories and fat, carbs and blah blah. Good to get on a rare occasion


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