Jul 17, 2010

Review: Cinnabon - Cupcakes

Cinnabon Cupcakes
As you may know, Cinnabon added cupcakes to their ovens not too long ago. I was able to try the 24-Carrot Cake and Chocolate Passion cupcakes courtesy of the Sister-in-law, who found out you can buy them at the end of the day for only $1 each. They are normally $2.50 each.

My first impression of the cupcakes were that they were butt ugly. Seriously, a five-year old could decorate better than this. The Chocolate Passion was decorated with pink buttercream frosting with what I'm guessing is supposed to be a flower?
Cinnabon Carrot Cupcake
And, the 24-Carrot Cake was decorated with what appear to be little cream cheese spikes and crystallized orange sprinkles.
Cinnabon Carrot Cupcake
Both frostings were on the too sweet side for me, but I find that to be so with most cupcakes.
Cinnabon Chocolate Cupcake
They tasted pretty good though. A bit like Betty Crocker cupcakes that you bake at home. The cupcakes kept their moisture well, but the texture was a bit different, with bigger air bubbles..
Cinnabon Chocolate Cupcake
Of the two cupcakes, I liked the Chocolate better; it had a rich chocolate flavor to it.

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