Dec 15, 2010

Food on the Go: Disneyland

I recently visited Disneyland with my little brother compliments of my friend who works for Disney. While the trip was mostly for his benefit, I was determined to sample as many Disney food items as my stomach could handle as we toured around the park. For the theme park enthusiasts, all the items I ate can be eaten happily (get it? because it's Disneyland!) while waiting in line.

I'll have a post for each item each week so be sure to check back on this post for updates!

Corn Dog - $5.99
- Dole Whip Float - $4.79
- Chieftain Chicken Skewer - $3.79
- Tiger Tails Breadsticks - $3.69
- Steak Gumbo - $8.99
- Turkey Leg - $8.00

Stuff I was tempted to get but didn't:
- The super long Churros of my youth
- The Monte Cristo sandwich


  1. No funnel cake?? D-Land has one of the best funnel cakes I've ever had.

  2. Disneyland has funnel cake?! Where?! I've never seen it there T_T


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