Dec 15, 2010

Review: Disneyland - Corn Dog

Peer to your right as you wander to the end of Main Street USA at Disneyland upon arrival and you'll find an old fashioned corn dog stand. The Little Red Wagon serves up fresh hand-dipped Corn Dogs for $5.99 with your choice of a small bag of chips or apple slices.

If you're ever been to a county fair, you kinda know what to expect from Disney's Corn Dog which is to say a fresh deep-fried corn meal battered jumbo hot dog. I got mines with apples so I could tell myself that "I at least ate fruit today." They were good apples slices too!
It's probably among the most enjoyable and economical things to eat at Disneyland. There's a novelty eating a fresh fried corn dog that most people don't get often unless they're regulars at Hot Dog on a Stick.
The corn dog batter was just the right thickness and imparted a bit of sweetness. It was nicely crisp with a nice thin crust that easily gives way to a moist cornbread-like crumb.
I really enjoyed the flavor of the batter and the nice crust that it had all around. My favorite item of the day.

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