Dec 16, 2010

News: Limited-Time Rold Gold and Cheetos for Holidays

Frito Lay is offering limited-time varieties of Rold Gold and Cheetos Puffs this holiday season.

Rold Gold is sporting three limited-time fudge-dipped pretzels this month. Featuring a blend of sweet and salty, you can choose from Classic Dipped Tiny Twists, White Dipped Honey Wheat Braided Twists and Dark Dipped Bavarian Twists. They're only available in select markets.

If you're wondering if you local supermarket is carrying them, Frito Lay actually has a product locator that shows stores in a specified zip code (within a 50 mile radius) that are carrying a specified product. You can check it out here (I justed checked and they are not available within 50 miles of me T_T).

In addition to the pretzels (that I can't buy), Frito Lay also has Cheetos Winter White Cheddar Puffs featuring the Cheeto Puffs you know and love but flavored with white Cheddar. Interestingly, these are only available at convenience stores (i.e. 7-Eleven) in my area.

Both products are available through the end of the year.

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  1. The White Cheddar Cheetoh's are great!! and I'm sure the chocolate covered pretzel's are just as good as they look. Thank Heaven for working at 711..the only good thing about working there is the infinite salts, sugars, saturated fats, oils, and cholesterol and crunchy fattening flavorful American Goodness ! ;-)


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