Dec 27, 2010

News: Little Caesars - Buy One, Get One Hot-N-Ready Pizza - Two Days Only!

Little Caesars' Hot-N-Ready Pizzas are already the cheapest of the major pizza chains at $5 a pop but until tomorrow, you can go to their website and print out a "buy one, get one free" coupon! That is a ridiculously cheap $5 for two large pizzas. There is a limit of one coupon per order per visit so if you're having a huge football party it won't help as much.

The promotion coincides with the Little Caesar Pizza Bowl in Detroit tonight at 8:30pm EST on ESPN and runs until tomorrow, Tuesday, December 28, 2010.

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  1. Recall the advertising of old when the toga-clad dude said "pizza pizza"?

    I believe the original concept was receiving two pizzas for one relatively low price.

    Out in California many Little Caesars were inside Kmart stores. Ahhhh..... info!!!

    While not known for quality fare in the "old days" it WAS a way to maximize limited food budgets.

    I expect the recent economic depression (a mere recession for a lucky few) has resulted in increased business for the firm.

    Locally where a multitude of working-poor USA citizens struggle to survive I have noticed Little Caesars appears to being doing well.

    What with prices in grocery stores being catapulted to near-intolerable heights I believe it MAY be possible for a firm-bought pizza to actually possibly be a viable contender for po' folk's food budget.


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