Dec 26, 2010

Sunday Funny: New Oreo Heads or Tails Cookies

Featuring the DSRL (Double Stuf Racing League), relatively new Oreo Heads or Tails cookies (they came out in September) feature a regular chocolate-flavored Oreo half and a vanilla-flavored Golden Oreo half so that, in addition to just eating or dunking them, you can also use them to settle a coin flip. Let the games begin!

A 15.25-ounce (didn't it used to be 16-ounces?) package of Oreo Heads or Tails normally costs around $3.99 at the supermarket.

If you feel like eating them in bulk at home or at the office they're available on Amazon in packs of four for $17.71 or $15.05 if you use "Subscribe and Save."

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