Dec 5, 2010

News: Subway Testing New Oven Crisp Chicken Sandwich

Looks like Subway is testing the Oven Crisp Chicken sandwich exclusively in the Western Michigan Market for a limited time only.

The main feature of the sandwich is its namesake chicken which promises the taste and flavor of fried chicken without the actual frying and greasiness. The Oven Crisp Chicken sandwich is served with a sweet honey mustard sauce by default and your choice of veggies.

Supporting the healthier claims of the sandwich, the Oven Crisp Chicken sandwich qualifies as a Subway Fresh Fit sandwich (less than 6 grams of fat on 6" subs).

It sounds pretty interesting and will definitely add more variety to Subway's menu should the sandwich go national.

Thanks to FoodieFatty for the heads up!


  1. YUM!!!! Get it out of Western Michigan already!!! I want to EAT IT!!!

  2. Is this thing avaialble anywheres?

  3. I've only heard Michigan so far.

  4. It's coming to nm on the 15th

  5. It's in nm on the 15th mmm it good!!!

  6. It's in Richmond, VA

  7. i want to see the ingredients. i think it is pressed and formed - just like their other chicken product - it is probably like spam. not a real piece of meat - cut from a  chicken - but probably dark meat - bleached - and starch added - and whipped into a shape. dont be too freaked out - they all are using this so called "franken food" olive gardens uses it - boston market too. most of the beef & chicken is this kind of 'product". even burger king brought out a rib product. it was a sort of hamburger - pressed and "formed" on to a bone - to make it seem like a rib. they think we don't know.


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