Dec 31, 2010

Review: Disneyland - Chieftain Chicken Skewer

Skewered grilled meats and vegetables can be found in Disneyland at Bengal Barbecue in Adventureland just across the way from the Jungle Cruise entrance. I tried a Chieftain Chicken Skewer there for $3.79. I almost got the Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus but it didn't feel Disney enough so I went with the chicken.

The Chieftain Chicken Skewer is served dipped in a Polynesian sauce (i.e. sweet and sour sauce) and with a single stalk of green onion which I assume is for garnish. I guess you could chew on the green onion but you'd really have to like the taste of it. I know green onion is relatively cheap but it seems a waste to use a whole stalk for garnish when they could just dice a bit and sprinkle it on the skewer itself for added flavor.

The chicken skewer itself had nice grill marks and was pretty tasty as well as juicy. Mine had a little too much sauce; it might be better to just ask for the sauce on the side or if they just seared the sauce on like is sometimes done with barbecue.

At the end of the day, the Chieftain Chicken Skewer is a pretty good, if light, snack on the go at Disneyland. Depending on how much sauce they give you, it can be a little messy to eat.

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