Dec 13, 2010

Review: Burger King - Original Chicken Sandwich

Burger King's Original Chicken Sandwich is Burger King's basic chicken sandwich consisting of a chicken patty on a bun with shredded iceberg lettuce and mayo. Burger King throws it up just a tad by making it a sub-style sandwich instead of a burger shape. It'll run you $3.99 but Burger King is currently running a promotion where it's buy one, get one for free.

Salty! I got a particularly salty Chicken Sandwich; it was saltier than the second one that I gave to The Sister. While the chicken patty was fairly thick and present in every bite, it wasn't particularly crisp or crunchy. It is made of formed ground white meat chicken and was moist but not juicy.
My lettuce was crap as well; mostly yellow and wilted. It did not taste so great but I still ate it. At least I didn't have stomach problems from eating it right? Can you tell I don't like to waste food?
One the plus side, at least they wasn't too much mayo. Well, either that or the saltiness from my extra salty patty negated any excess mayo. The bun also had a nice, squishy softness.
For what you get, the Original Chicken Sandwich should really be a $1.99 sandwich. At the end of the day, for $3.99, I'd rather either get a Tendercrisp or if I'm going for value a 99 cent Chick'N Crisp at BK.

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Nutritional Info - Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich (218g)
Calories - 630 (from Fat - 350)
Fat - 39g (Saturated Fat - 7g)
Sodium - 1390mg
Carbs - 46g (Sugar - 4g)
Protein - 24g


  1. i love this sandwhich very very much

  2. It's my favorite too, but I skip the mayo and add cheese and tomato then dunk it in the ranch dip. Of course this makes it more expensive (and much higher calorie) so it's only a once a year treat for me.

  3. actually this is my favorite fast food chix sandwich

  4. I don't understand with the abundance of $1 chicken sandwiches (at the existence of Chik-fil-a) why anyone would ever shell out $4 for one of these!

  5. I had it once last year and didn't finish it. It was just plain nasty to me. I mean, it's chicken with a little shredded lettuce and mayo. That's good for a $1 chicken sandwhich but you have to dress up a bigger sandwhich better than that.

  6. I agree with SDPcue and Christopher. Why anyone would pay so much money for one of these sandwiches when they can get the same thing and better quality at $1. I myself prefer Mc'Donalds, Burger King ($1 chicken), Arby's & Jack in the Box. My chicken that I got from BK was not that hot, it soaked up the oil and mayo...just not that great.

  7. I love these - the chicken tastes good especially with lots of mayo! I either took advantage of the recent buy one get one free deal they had or I used a coupon offering the same deal. They're nice and long and usually hot even after coming home from the drive-thru!


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