Feb 24, 2011

News: Arbys - New Chopped Side Salad

Arby's new Market Fresh Chopped Side Salad was unveiled today as as an alternative to French fries in its combo meals, at no additional cost. Otherwise, it carries a suggested price of $1.99.

It is currently available at company-owned locations and will roll-out nationwide in July, concurrent with the addition of a Lite Italian Dressing.

The Chopped Side Salad features a shredded blend of green leaf and iceberg lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, chopped red onion and ripe tomatoes, with dressing served on the side. Almost all the calories in the salad comes from the cheese.

Nutritional Info - Arby's Market Fresh Chopped Side Salad (120g)
Calories - 70 (from Fat - 45)
Fat - 5g (Saturated Fat - 3g)
Sodium - 100mg
Carbs - 4g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 4g

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