Feb 9, 2011

News: New Diet Pepsi Skinny Can

Introducing the waifish runway model of the soda can world: behold the new Diet Pepsi Skinny Can!

Aimed at the ladies, the new can will be appearing at New York's Fall 2011 Fashion Week running from February 10 to 17.

Sporting a taller, skinnier look in sleek redesigned silver can, I have to say the new can looks pretty good. In case you're wondering, just the can is new, the diet Pepsi formula remains the same as does the volume (12 ounces).

I've always wonder why this never happened sooner. It always made good visual marketing sense for diet drinks to come in slimmer containers. I do wonder if the slimmer cans will end up costing more at retail though a la mini Coke.

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