Feb 7, 2011

Review: Jack in the Box - All-American Jack

Jack in the Box's new super-sized All-American Jack got its national introduction last night at the Super Bowl but I tried it a couple days earlier.

The All-American Jack consists of two jumbo beef patties, melting American and Swiss-style cheese, tomato, shredded lettuce, pickles, mayo-onion sauce, ketchup, and mustard on a sesame bun. It's being advertised as a combo with small fries and a 20-ounce drink for $4.99 but you can forgo the combo and just get the burger for around $3.59.

Upon first impression, the All-American Jack looked like a lot of meat and cheese and biting into it did nothing to dispel that impression.
While the burger had lettuce, tomato, sauces, and whatnot, they were somewhat superfluous and the overwhelming flavor was beef with mild cheese falling in a far second. I actually tried eating it upside down to see if I could get a better taste of the sauces and, you know what, I did!
I don't think I tasted the lettuce at all but I did get the occasional flavor of the various sauces (mostly ketchup and mustard) and the sweet, vinegary burst of an occasional pickle.

With a pretty standard ingredient list, there aren't any unexpected surprises with the All-American Jack and that works out quite well when you want a good, meaty, standard burger.

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Nutritional Info - Jack in the Box All-American Jack
Calories - 838 (from Fat - 508)
Fat - 56g (Saturated Fat - 26g)
Sodium - 1506mg
Carbs - 45g (Sugar - 8g)
Protein - 36g


  1. The one I had this morning at 7am was pretty much loaded with mustard that destroyed everything else. The patties were overdone. I think there was too much meat vs to little veggies. They should add more lettuce. not bad but I won't be buying another.

  2. This wonderful site and these pics are very hard on a person on a diet. :(

  3. Iceburg lettuce is mostly water and dietary fiber only. Tomatoes has some nutrients though.


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