Feb 19, 2011

Review: Nabisco - Heads or Tails Oreo

Do you like Oreos and are indecisive or have a Two-Face complex? Then the fine folks at Nabisco has got you covered with Heads or Tail Oreos. Each cookie has two easily discernible sides consisting of one regular chocolate-flavored Oreo half and one Golden vanilla-flavor Oreo half sandwiching a double helping of white frosted filling.

They retail for around $2.99 for a 15.25-ounce package with sale prices running around the $2.00 mark.

According to the package, the latest variety of Oreos is called "DoubleStuf Oreo Heads or Tails" but let's just called them Heads or Tails Oreos for simplicity's sake. I like to think there are three different types of Oreo eaters: the ones that eat them like a normal cookie, the ones that dunk them in milk, and the ones that twist them in half and lick out all the frosting before eating the cookie halves (and of course the requisite subset that lick all the frosting and don't eat the cookie halves, offering them instead to the passerby...).
DoubleStuf Oreos are definitely for the frosting/sugar lovers; there's almost as much frosting as cookie.

Tastewise, it's not too different from a normal Oreo; crunchy, creamy, and slight notes of chocolate. There's just more sweet frosting and a bit of vanilla flavor from the Golden half. I prefer the more balanced proportions of a normal Oreo but not by much.
The Heads or Tails Oreo are problem more interesting for playing coin flip games and from a visual perspective than taste. With these, you can have an skewed eating contest based on cookie flips where you decide who eats the Oreo by who wins the toss.
Bottomline? An Oreo for the indecisive and the Oreo cream lovers.

Nutritional Info - Nabisco Heads or Tails Oreos - 2 cookies (29g)
Calories - 140 (from Fat - 60)
Fat - 7g (Saturated Fat - 2g)
Sodium - 95mg
Carbs - 21g (Sugar - 13g)
Protein - 1g


  1. For my tastes, the double stuf option is too much icing / frosting / filling, what-you-call-it, and the proportions of the original is preferred.

  2. Do you mix it yourself or just buy cookies 'n' creme?

  3. Yeah, DoubleStuf is definitely for frosting lovers; it makes it too sweet for me and I prefer the original as well.

  4. Mix it myself, of course. I've even made my own ice cream with mixed up oreo peices.

  5. Ah. I am too lazy to mix it myself. i suppose it would be crunchier though.

    My uncle tried though and made strawberry cheesecake ice cream with just an egg beater. It was good, but very frozen.

  6. A friend and I were talking about cookies a few weeks back and I mentioned how one of my favorites (duplex) is only available in store brand and needed a premium version. Not long after that I saw the commercial introducing these. Another one of my ideas somehow stolen by the internet!

  7. The Internet is smart!

  8. they all came broken. especially the chocolate end.  they crumbled in the package.  i would really like a refund

  9. If you write or email Nabisco, I'm sure they'll at least give you a coupon for a new package.

  10. Oreos are my favorite cookies, but these days I rarely buy the Oreo brand because most of the grocery store brands (and Walmart) are much cheaper. I'm also big on the actual cookie part, and like mixing them in with ice cream.


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