Feb 5, 2011

Review: Ruffles - Loaded Chili & Cheese Potato Chips

Ruffles limited-time new Loaded Chili & Cheese ridged potato chips comes just in time to grace your Super Bowl spread with the flavor of chili, cheese, and fried potatoes. While it's not the same as actual chili cheese fries, it does keep much better and won't get soggy.

I found this 1-and-1/8-ounce bag at my local 7-Eleven for 99 cents.

If you've ever tried Chili Cheese flavored Fritos corn chips, the taste of Ruffles is pretty similar to that but the potato chips adds a different flavor than the corn chips.
The Ruffles version looks like a barbecue-flavored chip but with flecks of green that I'm assuming are dried green bell peppers.
Flavorwise, there's a strong chili flavor with even a slight kick at the tail end that lingers a little but is never uncomfortable. Along with the powdered cheese flavor, it goes well with the potato flavor and does remind me a fair bit of chili cheese fries.

It is, all-in-all, a pretty interesting and enjoyable flavor that might go well paired with a simple sour cream dip.

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Nutritional Info - Ruffles Loaded Chili & Cheese Potato Chips - 1 1/8 oz (53.1)
Calories - 290 (from Fat - 170)
Fat - 19g (Saturated Fat - 2g)
Sodium - 330mg
Carbs - 28g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 4g


  1. Ruffles get it spot on everytime! How the hell do they do it. Just tried the Loaded chili cheese tastes like chili cheese. The hot wings taste like hot wings... well you get the point. Good job Ruffles you are the shit!!

  2. My daughter just loves the chili cheese potato chips so much that when i buy them i have to buy two bags at a time. But when i went to walmart 4 days ago to buy them they didnt have any,so i just figured they were out cause they were so good ,but then we just went yesterday and they still didnt have any,my daughter was in tears she wanted me to try another store but i didnt have time so i told her i would try tomorrow but when i got home i went on line and i saw that they were only for a limited time and when i told her she was so upset and kept saying thats not fair.SO I  FIGURED MAYBE IF I WRITE LETTING U KNOW  JUST HOW MUCH MY DAUGHTER LOVES THOSE CHILI CHEESE CHIPS. IT COULD BE ONE REQUEST CLOSER TO BRINGING THEM BACK.

                                                 THANK YOU ,
                                                       JANET B.(KARA IS MY DAUGHTER)

  3.  lol they still sell them at kroger...maybe they're only a limited time in certain places

  4. OMG, these are the best chips ever made! I too bought these chips at Jewels one day. The next week I looked in Jewels, Walmart and 7/11 and could not find them anywhere. I just found out that they were a limited time offer. I hope the Ruffles company see how many people love these chips and bring them back to stay.

  5. This chips are FUDGING AMAZING! its soooooooo goood i went to try them out last night when buying some things for the house i went back 2 days later after finishing the chips and brought four more! fudging amazing!

  6. I was buying these for a few months and now they are nowhere.  They are the best chips I have ever had.  I really wish they would bring them back.

  7. You could try your luck with their product locator. The link's above. Or just write them.

  8. I agree, these are the best chips I've ever had. I just left a message on frito to ask for them back. Maybe we should all do this. With enough votes maybe they;ll be more widely distributed again.


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