Feb 24, 2011

News: Corner Bakery Cafe - New Smoked Turkey Cobb Sandwich

Corner Bakery Cafe is debuting their new flatbread brioche bread with a new sandwich: the Smoked Turkey Cobb Sandwich.

The new bread was made to be "soft, sturdy, and slightly sweet." It's a flatbread so that it doesn't overpower the other ingredients in the sandwich.

In addition to the new brioche, the Smoked Turkey Cobb Sandwich contains a homemade avocado mayonnaise, smoked turkey breast, thick-cut applewood-smoked bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, hardboiled egg slices, green leaf lettuce and roma tomatoes.

To promote the launch, Corner Bakery is running a contest via Twitter where their followers have a chance to win a coupon (via mail) for a free Smoked Cobb Sandwich by being the first five to correctly answer one of three posted questions (a total of 15 winners per day) each weekday through Thursday, March 3rd.