Feb 2, 2011

News: Subway - $5 Any Regular Footlong for all of February

Subway is offering any regular Footlong sub for $5 for all of February in an event they're calling "FebruANY." You can't see but I'm rolling my eyes right now at their choice of name.

So what counts as a "regular" sub? That's any sub except for Subway's "premium" subs which basically consists of just the Big Philly Cheesesteak and the Pastrami sub (What counts as a "premium" sub might vary with location).

Other than those two subs, anything else is available for an even 5 bucks as long as you get the Footlong version.

Also new at Subway for a limited-time is the Raspberry Cheesecake cookie with bits of raspberry and cheesecake bake into the cookie.


  1. I think the only difference between that and the more expensive Big Philly is that the Big Philly has double meat.

  2. Subway has a new "Steak & Cheese" on the menu. Just added when this promotion started. Is here to stay:

  3. err; I should say it's $5.


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