Feb 27, 2017

Church's Brings Back Lemon-Seasoned Butterfly Shrimp and Crispy Fish

Church's Chicken brings back Lemon-Seasoned Butterfly Shrimp and Lemon-Seasoned Crispy Fish Filets.

Lemon-Seasoned Butterfly Shrimp consists of marinated shrimp that is battered, breaded, and fried and then tossed in a lemon herb seasoning. Lemon-Seasoned Crispy Fish Filets undergo the same process except with white fish filets rather than shrimp.

Also back are Hush Puppy Biscuit Bites, which as the name suggests, are hush puppies made with the chain's biscuit dough.

All three items can be found at participating Church's Chicken locations for a limited time.

They're running a deal where you can get either eight Lemon-Seasoned Butterfly Shrimp or two Lemon-Seasoned Crispy Fish Filets plus five Hush Puppy Biscuit Bites for $3.49 (may vary).

Photo via Church's Chicken.

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