Feb 9, 2017

Jalapeno Chicken Fries are Back at Burger King

Jalapeno Chicken Fries make a limited-time return to Burger King and get some shiny new duds (new box design) in the process.

The fries add a spicy jalapeno kick to the seasoned and breaded formed chicken fries and are available at participating locations.

This marks the first time that the chain has brought back one of their limited-time flavors of Chicken Fries. Jalapeno Chicken Fries were first introduced in January of last year.

The new box design is mostly green with a more pronounced jalapeno theme than the previous version (note the jalapeno eyes, eye brows, and wheels). The old box sported a wide-brimmed hat, guitar, and jalapeno mustache.

You can find my review of Burger King's Jalapeno Chicken Fries here.

Photo via Burger King.

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