Feb 17, 2017

First Panda Express + Tea Bar Restaurant Opens in California

Panda Express will be opening their first Panda Express + Tea Bar restaurant here in California on Saturday, February 18, 2017.

The new location differs from your typical Panda Express in that it offers customizable wraps and salads as well as a wider selection of drinks (including boba milk tea) in addition to the more familiar Panda Express menu. Basically, the menu is much like you'd find at the chain's Innovation Kitchen in Pasadena, CA but this location includes a drive-thru.

Here's some of the things you'll find featured on the menu:

- Orange Chicken
- Asian Grilled Chicken
- Kung Pao Chicken
- Mushroom Chicken Breast
- Broccoli Beef
- Shanghai Angus Steak
- Beijing Beef
- Honey Walnut Shrimp

Signature Items
- Chinese Chicken Salad
- Orange Chicken Salad

- Chicken Egg Roll
- Vegetable Spring Rolls
- Cream Cheese Rangoon

Tea Bar
- Panda Classic Milk Tea
- Thai Milk Tea
- Raspberry Fruit Tea
- Strawberry Lemonade

The new restaurant is located at 17184 Colima Rd., Hacienda Heights, CA. If you're in the area, the ribbon cutting ceremony is 11 AM. They'll be free samples of drinks and wraps throughout the day as well as a prize wheel.

Update 2/22/2017: Regarding questions that a few other locations already serve tea, I reached out to Panda Express and was told this is the first location branded as "Panda + Tea." Here was their complete response:

"Our Panda Express Innovation Kitchen in Pasadena was conceptualized so we could test new entrees, equipment, systems, menus and more. Inspired by this location, we have created a new iteration of restaurants that embody the intention and spirit of the original Innovation Kitchen and will have more consistent menu offerings. These restaurants are located in Monterey Park, Westwood and most recently, Hacienda Heights. We are calling these Panda + Tea to distinguish them from our Panda Express locations. In the future, Monterey Park and Westwood will be given the Panda + Tea name as well."

Photos via Panda Express.

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