Feb 16, 2017

Review: Del Taco - Wet Burrito Platos

Del Taco's Wet Burrito Platos offer a choice of either a Chicken Verde or Carne Asada Wet Burrito plus tortilla chips, salsa casera (house salsa), fresca lime rice, and slow-cooked pinto beans.

The chicken plate is $6.49, while the steak goes for $7.49. However, I received these courtesy of Del Taco.

The Chicken Verde Wet Burrito includes marinated, grilled chicken along with pinto beans, green sauce and spicy jack cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and then topped with more green sauce, spicy jack cheese, and avocado slices.

The Carne Asada Wet Burrito consists of marinated, grilled steak with pinto beans, grated cheddar, and red sauce wrapped up in a flour tortilla and then topped with more red sauce, cheddar, and avocado slices.

The rice was fairly plain and relied on the salsa to liven it up. The beans were similarly mild but were topped with grated cheddar and tangy red sauce. They're a bit redundant if you get the Carne Asada plate (platos means "plate" in Spanish) since the burrito also contains the same beans, cheese, and sauce.

The salsa casera is a blended tomato salsa with just a bit of heat. The chips are fairly sturdy with a decent crunch.

Of the two burritos, I preferred the Chicken Verde over the Carne Asada. There's more of a contrast between the seasoning of the chicken and the spicy, tanginess of the sauce, whereas the flavor of the Carne Asada and the red sauce was too similar and a little boring as a result. I also liked the firmer but still tender texture of the chicken over the almost mushy steak. Either way you go, the avocado and cheese add a nice richness but the jack cheese melts better and has slightly more of a presence.

Overall, both Del Taco's Wet Burrito Platos provide an enjoyable, hearty (and, for some, shareable) meal at a pretty good value. As long as you can stand the heat (it's at the high end of my heat tolerance), I'd definitely go for the Chicken Verde.

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