Apr 22, 2018

Boston Market Adds New Rotisserie Prime Rib and Rosemary Lemon Chicken

Boston Market adds another meat option with the arrival of new Rotisserie Prime Rib just in time for dinner after 5 PM on Wednesday and Sunday at participating locations.

The chain also introduces Rosemary Lemon Rotisserie Chicken to the menu for a limited time.

Rotisserie Prime Rib is available with two sides, cornbread, horseradish cream sauce, and au just for $15.99 or less. Select locations will also making it available on Friday nights.

Rosemary Lemon Rotisserie Chicken is basically the chain's signature rotisserie chicken topped with a tangy lemon rosemary sauce.

With the addition of prime rib, the chain now offers chicken, turkey, meatloaf, and pork ribs as far as meat choices go.

Boston Market also debuts new Bacon Vinaigrette Broccoli as a seasonal side. It consists of roasted broccoli tossed in a warm bacon vinaigrette.

Photos via Boston Market.

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