Apr 16, 2018

Domino's Japan's "Ultra-Topping" Cheese Pizza Literally Oozes Cheese Off Its Edges

Domino's Japan is featuring toppings in abundance with a new, limited-time trio of "Ultra-Topping" pizzas, including a cheese pizza that is topped with so much cheese that it oozes over the side.

The Ultra-Topping Cheese Pizza features four times the mozzarella of the chain's regular pizzas which basically makes it look more like a plate of cheese than pizza.

It's joined by the Ultra-Topping Pepperoni Pizza and the Ultra-Topping Mayo Jaga Pizza. Like the cheese version, each of the pizzas includes four times the normal amount of its namesake topping. If you're wondering what Mayo Jaga is, it's a topping combination of mayo, corn, cheese, potato, pork sausage, and parsley flakes.

For comparison, here's a photo of the Domino's regular Mayo Jaga Pizza:

And, here's one of the Ultra-Topping Mayo Jaga Pizza:

Photos via Domino's Japan.

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