Apr 26, 2018

Sonic Ventures Into Packaged Goods with New Ice Pops, Gelatin, Pudding, and Lollipops

Through a number of licensing partnerships, Sonic gets into packaged goods with the debut of new ice pops, gelatin, pudding, and lollipops.

While the full line has yet to be revealed, products will include:

- Ocean Water Slushed Pops
- Cherry Limeade Slushed Pops
- Strawberry Lemonade Slushed Pops
- Ocean Water Freezer Bars
- Cherry Limeade Freezer Bars
- Strawberry Shake Pudding
- Chocolate Shake Pudding
- Cherry Limeade Gelatin
- Ocean Water Gelatin

Sonic's line of packaged food arrives in stores starting this spring.

Photo via Sonic.

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