Jul 2, 2018

Dairy Queen Offers New Star Spangled Blizzard in Time for Independence Day

Dairy Queen offers up the new, limited-release Star Spangled Blizzard just in time for Independence Day. Additionally, they've whipped up the new Oreo Firework Blizzard as the July 2018 Blizzard of the Month.

The Star Spangled Blizzard features cherry and blue candy blended into vanilla soft serve and topped a curled ball of soft serve, blue candy, and a red, white, and blue DQ Stars & Strips StarKiss frozen treat. It's available starting today, while supplies last.

The Oreo Firework Blizzard consists of Oreo cookie pieces plus red and blue popping candy blended with vanilla soft serve.

The chain also continues to offer its summer Blizzard menu which includes the Jurassic Chomp, Summer Berry Cheesecake, Twix, Cotton Candy, and S'mores Blizzards.

Photos via Dairy Queen.

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