Jul 22, 2018

Jell-O Wants You to Play with Their New Gelatin "Toys"

Citing a decline in play time for kids, Jell-O brand gelatin hopes to get parents and children playing again with the new Jell-O Play line of tasty "gelatin toys."

The new line offers a firmer gelatin that can be made into building blocks (with included plastic molds) as well as various shapes and designs (with included cutters) encompassing various themes.

At launch, the line includes:

- Jell-O Play Build & Eat Kits - Plastic molds to create Jell-O building blocks that basically works like Legos with each kit following a certain theme, including ocean, construction, and jungle themes.

- Jell-O Play Cutters Kits - Gelatin with cookie cutters in a variety of shapes.

- Jell-O Play with Edible Stickers - Gelatin or pudding with edible stickers following various themes.

All items in the Jell-O Play line are priced under $5. You can find them at and at select retailers including Target and HEB. The line will be launching at retailers nationwide throughout the summer.

Photo via Jell-O.

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