Jul 2, 2018

Eggo Updates Recipes and Adds New Double Chocolatey Flavor for Thick & Fluffy Belgian-Style Waffles

Eggo Thick & Fluffy Belgian-Style Waffles receive an update with a new Double Chocolatey varieties as well as new "improved" recipes for the rest of the line.

New Double Chocolatey Thick & Fluffy Belgian-Style Waffles features a chocolatey waffle made with cocoa and embedded with chocolatey chips. They're getting a national push now but have been spotted as early as April of this year.

As for the rest of the line:

- Original is now made with vanilla extract (as opposed to vanillin) for a "more indulgent" quality.

- Cinnamon Brown Sugar is meant to have a more intense cinnamon flavor.

- Blueberry now features "extra, richer blueberry flavor and an added hint of lemon zest."

Photo via Eggo.

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