Jul 4, 2018

Walmart Reveals Burger vs. Hot Dog Supremacy for Each State in US

Based on sales data leading up to this Fourth of July, Walmart once again reveals which states prefer burgers and which states prefer hot dogs so far in 2018.

Once again, burgers beat out hot dogs overall but a number of states switched their preferences from one to the other.

While burgers won the day (among Walmart customers) in most states, nine states plus the District of Columbia chose hot dogs over burgers.

Of the states that switched sides, there were seven that switched from burgers to hot dogs, including California, Nevada, and Washington (as well as Washington DC). Ten states switched from hot dogs to burgers, however, including Maine, West Virginia, and North Carolina.

Other customer grilling insights from Walmart include:

- Millennial prefer grilled chicken more so than other generations.
- Baby Boomers like their hot dogs topped while Millennials tend to keep theirs simple and unadorned.
- Almost 10 percent of all Millennials and Baby Boomers picked up veggie dogs and/or veggie burgers.

The retail store chain also put out a similar map last year.

Photo via Walmart.

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