Sep 6, 2018

Tostitos Giving Away a Dual-Level, Stadium Seating-Style Couch

Striking a football theme, Tostitos will help one lucky fan with their "homegating" setup by giving away a dual-level, stadium seating-style couch that they're calling the Tostitos Stadium Sofa.

In addition to having two levels of seating, the couch also includes a number of features (to ensure you get up as little as possible during a game) including:

- Chip, dip, and drink holders on each armrest
- A built-in mini-fridge
- Multiple tablets so that you can keep track of multiple games or your fantasy team
- LED lights lining both sofa levels that can be coordinated with team colors
- Smart device chargers and stands
- Electrical outlets

You can try your luck on the sofa by tweeting #TostitosHomegate and #entry to @Tostitos through September 10, 2018. You can find the fine print regarding the sweepstakes here.

Photo via Tostitos.

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