Oct 9, 2013

Review: Subway - New Garlic Bread

Subway's Garlic Bread is a new, limited-time bread option for their sub sandwiches. It's basically their Italian bread sprinkled with garlic powder and parsley.

I got it with this month's Featured $5 Footlong, the Spicy Italian, for $5.

The bread had an even layer of garlic and little bits of dried parsley across the surface giving the crust a grainy feel and a roasted garlic aroma.

In taste, it added notes of toasted garlic but not so much the buttery garlic bread that the name "garlic bread" conjures up. The ingredients list names butter as a minor ingredient but I didn't really catch any butter flavor.

That being said, toasted garlic is a nice flavor and goes well with the Spicy Italian. While Subway's new Garlic Bread is technically garlic bread, they probably should have named it something else as I feel many, like myself, will be expecting bread spread (or slathered!) with garlic and butter before baked.

Nutritional info not yet available - not to be confused with the "Roasted Garlic Bread" listed on the Subway site although I don't imagine the nutritional info will vary from it by much.


  1. Exactly, I thought they would add some garlic butter prior to toasting. I felt myself 'searching' for the flavor of garlic whilst eating a footlong with this bread.

  2. If they made a "real" garlic bread (slathered), I might go back to try it. Until then, there are too many other better sandwich places I could go to.

  3. I eat my garlic bread sub upside down in order to taste the garlic on my tongue first. It makes the garlic bread worth it.

  4. Tried it. Couldn't taste the garlic.


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