Jan 17, 2019

New Cheez-It Snap'd Arrives on Store Shelves

Cheez-Its now come in cracker chip form with the arrival of new Cheez-It Snap'd.

They're described on the bag as "cheesy, thin, and crispy" and are still made with wheat, but with some dried potato mixed in. Like regular Cheez-It crackers, they're baked and there's some cheese in there.

Cheez-It Snap'd comes in four varieties; White Cheddar & Bacon, Double Cheese, Cheddar Sour Cream & Onion, and Jalapeno Jack.

You can find them at retailers nationwide in 7.5-oz bags and .75-oz snack pouches. If you're having problems located them, they're also available online for about $3 a bag from Target and Walmart.

Photo via Kellogg's.

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