Jan 7, 2019

Review: KFC Spicy Bowl

KFC's Spicy Bowl features Popcorn Nuggets covered in Nashville Hot sauce, corn, gravy, and shredded cheese over a bed of mashed potatoes.

They're running a special where you can get a bowl for $3.

For the price, I got about a pound of food.

The chicken was crunchy despite sitting in gravy but it might have something to do with me eating this at the restaurant. I'm not of sure it would do so well if you took it home given all the moisture and heat. The downside was the cheese wasn't melted so that desirable stretchy oozing texture was largely missing.

The Nashville Hot sauce ups the heat level quite a bit (nose-running levels for me) but the smokiness and slight sweetness, while great for fried chicken, don't play well with the gravy and mashed potatoes.

Basically, there's already a lot going on with a regular KFC Famous Bowl, between the sweetness of the corn, the salty richness of the gravy, the slight creaminess of the mashed potatoes, the seasoned crunch of chicken, and the texture of the very mild cheese, that with the addition of the smoky, oily, and spicy Nashville Hot sauce, it all ends up jumbled and weird.

When it comes down to it, I'd rather just eat all the components of the KFC Spicy Bowl separately than all mixed up together. However, if you're the type that likes to mix everything on your plate together, this might be right up your alley.

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