Apr 1, 2019

2019 April Fools' Day Joke Round Up

It's once again April Fools' Day and there are quite a few jokes being played this year with varying degrees of commitment. I've included images and any appropriate links in case you're going to try and fool someone who somehow forgot that it's April 1, 2019.

Here's what I've found:

- Auntie Anne's - They're turning all their stores into hot yoga studios / pretzel shops.

- 7-Eleven - Avocado Toast Slurpee

- Ben & Jerry's - Drone delivery where they just drop the ice cream pint on you.

- Blaze Pizza - Just the Crust Pizza

- Carl's Jr. - Vape Cup

- Checkers and Rally's - New Unseasoned Fries

- The Coffee Bean Bean & Tea Leaf - They're replacing pellet (or nugget) ice with regular ice cubes.

- Del Taco - New Taco Smoothie

- Dunkin' - Super Dough Holder - It's two giant donuts to hold your drink.

- Hardee's - They're hiring a Chief Biscuit Officer to oversee all things biscuit. You can apply here (while the job is a joke, they are actually giving away free biscuits for a year to one lucky applicant).

- Hostess - Apple Cider Vinegar Cupcakes: "Kick start your 5-day detox!"

- IHOP - Tweeted, "In honor of April Fools’ Day, we’re serving all of our pancakes upside down."

- Jack in the Box - Ultimate Buttery Kale (a play on their Buttery Jack burgers).

- Jersey Mike's - Stacked Sub (looks sort of like a super giant Big Mac)

- Marie Callender's - Pie-scented perfume

- McAlister's Deli - Tea kegs

- McDonald's Australia - McPickle burger - Apparently, some folks were quite distraught that it wasn't an actual item. It consists of lots of pickle slices plus American cheese and ketchup on a Big Mac bun.

- McDonald's Canada - McNugget Singles

- McDonald's Germany - Big Mac-flavored smoothie

- McDonald's US - Shake Sauce for Fries

- Oreo Cookie & Cremes - It's a reverse Oreo with two layers of vanilla creme sandwiching a single chocolate wafer.

- Peet's Coffee - New Eeekhojorntjesbrodord Cold Brew - "To celebrate our 53rd anniversary, we've developed a special new cold brew inspired by our founder’s Dutch heritage--that means a sprinkle of salty licorice and a topper of Boerenkaas cheese."

- Philadelphia Cream Cheese - St. Louis Cream Cheese: Pre-sliced like sliced bread (here's some context).

- Pieology - Giant Pizza Taco

- Pizza Hut - Pizza M.U.T.T. - For "Mini Urban Transportation Team." To go along with the join they're offering 30% off menu price pizzas ordered online when you use the code: "30OFFAPRIL1." Good today only.

- Pop-Tarts Ravioli - "Filled with strawberry jam and topped with fresh frosting."

- Qdoba - 24 Karat Queso

- Quiznos - Lobster Scampi-scented candle. It's actually fairly plausible given that brands like Pizza Hut and KFC have put out similar scented candles.

- Red Lobster - They'll be switching to red licorice straws as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws.

- Sizzler - They tweeted, "We're sad to say that today, we'll be discontinuing cheese toast effective immediately. The price of cheese is at a record high, and not enough patrons are requesting it. The Sizzler Team regrets to say goodbye to cheese toast, from now on we’ll only be serving toast."

- Smashburgers - Burger- and fry-scented candles.

- Stonefire Grill - They tweeted, "It’s time to move on to new menu items, and we have to get rid of some old favorites to make room! This is the last week to enjoy our Freshly Baked Breadsticks! Hurry in before they're gone!"

- Starbucks - For dogs only: Pupbucks

Photos via respective brands/companies.

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