Oct 28, 2019

Domino's Offers Both Tricks and Treats in Japan with Ghost Pepper Roulette Pizza and Dessert Pizza

Domino's gets into the Halloween spirit in Japan by offering both tricks and treats in pizza form this year.

For tricks, there's the Roulette Pizza option, which you can add to any pizza free of charge. If you choose the option they'll spike one of the pizza slices with "super hot jolokia sauce." The Bhut jolokia is also known as the "ghost pepper," which is pretty fitting for the holiday. If you happen to be in Japan, it's available through November 4, 2019. Frito-Lay did a similar concept with chips when they offered Doritos Roulette chips.

For treats, Domino's offers the Halloween Triple Chocolate pizza. It features a flaky thin crust topped with chocolate sauce, a spider web design of Belgian couverture chocolate, and pieces of white chocolate. A medium size of the dessert pizza costs 999 yen (~$9.17 US).

Photos via Domino's Japan.

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