Oct 8, 2019

New Kentucky Fried Wings Land at KFC

Fried and sauced chicken wings find their way back onto the KFC menu with the arrival of new Kentucky Fried Wings.

Like Hot Wings before them, the new bone-in wings come in both flats and drumettes.

Update 10/9/19: Kentucky Fried Wings are different from Hot Wings. I reached out to KFC and was told that Kentucky Fried Wings are considered a relaunch with a new cooking process that results in wings that are " fresher, crispier, and tastier than ever before." Also in recent years, Hot Wings were only available at select locations (indeed, my local KFC stopped offering them about a year ago).

You can get them in four varieties: Unsauced, new Honey BBQ, new Buffalo, and Nashville Hot. The chain has gotten rid of Georgia Gold and Smoky Mountain BBQ sauces.

Suggested pricing for Kentucky Fried Wings starts at: $5 for six wings and Ranch sauce; $9.99 for 12 wings and two Ranch sauces; $18.99 for 24 wings and four Ranch sauces; and $36.99 for 48 wings and eight Ranch sauces (may vary).

Photo via KFC.

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