Oct 22, 2019

Panda Express Tests New Pastrami Pork Belly Bao

Panda Express is testing new Pastrami Pork Belly Bao at their Innovation Kitchen in Pasadena, CA.

The test item represents a mash-up of a Taiwanese gua bao (pork belly bun) and a pastrami sandwich and features hickory liquid-smoked pork belly with pastrami spices, pickled cucumbers, and a hoisin glaze folded in a steamed rice flour bun (AKA a bao).

The bao sandwich is priced at $2.75 for one, two for $5, and three for $7.50. The test is slated to run for two months, while supplies last.

According to Panda Express, "The inspiration behind this new dish comes from the Panda Chefs wanting to create a nostalgic and delicious hand-held item. In the Taiwanese culture, hand-held food is part of an everyday meal for people on the go, and bao buns are the most popular street food in the region. Similar to traditional bao buns, Panda Chefs wanted to keep each component simple, and allow each part of the dish to shine."

The pastrami seems like another take on the pork belly they tested last year.

Photo via Panda Express.

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