Oct 31, 2019

Kinder Bueno Candy Bars Arrive in Stores

Ferrero's Kinder Bueno, one of Europe's top-selling chocolate bars, has arrived here in the US and is rolling out to retailers nationwide.

Kinder Bueno ("kinder" means "children" in German while "bueno" mean "good" in Spanish) features a creamy hazelnut filling nestled inside of a crispy wafer shell and then covered in milk chocolate and a drizzle of dark chocolate.

You can find it in a good deal of countries across the globe but previously you'd only see Kinder Bueno here in the "imports" section of a store or the like, which tends to cost a bit extra.

The suggested price of Kinder Bueno comes in at $1.29 for the  two-bar regular size and $1.99 for the four-bar sharing size.

Photo via Ferrero.

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