Mar 28, 2020

Einstein Bros. Welcomes New Family Meals

Einstein Bros. looks to feed the whole family with the arrival of new Family Meals, which include a "Hot & Ready" option as well as several "Take & Make" options.

The Family Meals are available for takeout and can be ordered ahead at participating locations. The selection includes:

- Hot & Ready Brunch Box - Six bagels (two Plain, one Sesame, one Asiago, one Chocolate Chip, and one Cinnamon Raisin), one tub of Plain Shmear, one Farmhouse Egg Sandwich, two Bacon & Egg Sandwiches, Four Twice-Baked Hash Browns, and four Blueberry Muffins.

- Take & Make Pizza Bagel Kit - Six Plain Bagels and enough pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni to make six Pepperoni Pizza Bagel halves and six Cheese Pizza Bagel halves.

- Take & Make Bagel Deli Kit - Six bagels (two Plain, two Everything, and two Asiago), deli turkey, deli ham, and an assortment of sandwich toppings (onion, tomato, lettuce, and cheese) to make six sandwiches.

- Take & Make Jumbo Cookie Kit - Enough dough to make eight large chocolate chip cookies.

Prices vary but the Brunch Box and Bagel Deli Kit are $29.99 each in my area, while the Pizza Kit is $9.99 and the Jumbo Cookie Kit is $8.99.

Photo via Einstein Bros. Bagels.

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