Mar 11, 2020

The Big Dipper Comes Back to Pizza Hut for a Limited Time

The Big Dipper makes it return to the Pizza Hut menu for a limited time and offers almost two feet of pizza and four cups of dipping sauce.

The Big Dipper is a sauceless pan pizza topped only with cheese. It's cut into 24 strips that can be easily dipped in one of the four cups of dipping sauce that come with each order. The sauces include two marinara, one ranch, and one honey BBQ. It can be ordered topped with just cheese, cheese and pepperoni, or half cheese-half cheese and pepperoni.

The Big Dipper arrives priced at $12.99 (may vary), which is not far off from the $12 that it cost back when it was introduced in 2011.

Pizza Hut plans to bring back several "Only from Pizza Hut classics" for a limited time this year; the Big Dipper is the first of the bunch. They also plan of release several "all-new" pizzas sometime this year.

Photo via Pizza Hut.

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