Mar 5, 2020

Talenti Adds New Layers and Sorbetto Flavors for 2020

Talenti adds four new Layers flavors and two new dairy-free Sorbetto flavors to their line-up of over 40 gelato and sorbetto varieties.

The new Layer flavors are inspired by "modern desserts" and include:

- Coffee Cookie Crumble - Inspired by an affogato (espresso over ice cream), it includes layers of cold brew gelato, chocolate flakes, chocolate coffee sauce, vanilla bean gelato, and amaretti cookie pieces.

- Banana Caramel Crunch - Inspired by banana pudding, this one features layers of banana pudding gelato, pie crust pieces, dulce de leche, and more pie crust pieces.

- Lemon Berry Pie - Inspired by Southern lemon pie, here, lemon gelato is layered with graham pieces, blueberry sauce, and pie crust cookies.

- Dairy-Free Coconut Chocolate Cookie Layer - The first-ever dairy-free Layers flavor is inspired by coconut macaroons and consists of layers of coconut sorbetto, oat crisps, dairy-free hot fudge, and chocolate cookie pieces pieces. It is also vegan-friendly with no animal byproducts.

The two new Talenti Sorbetto flavors are Strawberry Hibiscus and Dark Chocolate. You can expect the following:

- Strawberry Hibiscus - Strawberries and hibiscus flowers are blended to make a dairy-free sorbetto with a hibiscus swirl.

- Dark Chocolate - A dairy-free dark chocolate sorbetto made with cocoa and chocolate sauce.

You can find the new Talenti Layers and Sorbettos at major retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $4.99 to $6.49 per jar.

Photo via Talenti.

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