Jul 20, 2021

Dole Debuts New Dole Fruitify Juices and Dole Essentials Fruit Bowls

Working towards getting rid of added sugar in all their products by 2025, Dole announces new Dole Fruitify juices and new Dole Essentials fruit bowls.

Dole Fruitify is a new line of tropical juice drinks with the added "functional" benefits of green tea and turmeric. They contain no added sugar, are non-GMO and kosher, and come in three varieties at launch:

- Dole Fruitify Glow - Pineapple and mango juice with turmeric.

- Dole Fruitify Replenish - Pineapple juice and coconut water.

- Dole Fruitify Energize - Pineapple juice with green tea extract.

Dole Fruitify juices can be found in four-pack of 8-fl-oz cans on grocery store shelves nationwide. 

Dole Essentials fruit bowls also contain no added sugar and come in three varieties at launch: 

- Pineapple with Cucumber & Mint Natural Flavors - Pineapple chunks in a 100% fruit juice blend with cucumber and mint natural flavors.

- Mandarin Oranges with Turmeric - Mandarin oranges in a 100% fruit juice blend featuring pineapple juice with turmeric.

- Mixed Fruit with Green Tea Extract - Mixed fruit in a 100% fruit juice blend with green tea extract for 45mg of caffeine per serving.

Dole Essentials can be found at retailers nationwide and come in packs of two 7-oz single-serve bowls with BPA-free packaging.

Photo via Dole.

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