Jul 23, 2021

Marco's Introduces New Buffalo Chicken and Philly Pizzas

Marco's Pizza adds two new specialty pizzas to their menu with the arrival of the new Buffalo Chicken Pizza and Philly Pizza.

The Buffalo Chicken Pizza comes topped with grilled chicken, red onions, five cheeses, and Buffalo sauce. A choice of either ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce comes on the side.

Marco's Philly Pizza features white cheese sauce, shaved steak marinated mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and the chain's three signature cheeses on your choice of crust.

Prices vary but two new pizzas cost $20.99 for a large here in Southern California, which is the same price as the rest of the chain's specialty pizzas (versus $16.99 for a large cheese pizza). The suggested price for the pizzas start at $12.99. You can also get them as Pizza Bowls with suggested prices starting at $7.99.

Both pizzas are available for a limited time through September 30, 2021.

Photos via Marco's Pizza.

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