Jul 28, 2021

Review: Wendy's - Summer Strawberry Chicken Salad

Wendy's Summer Strawberry Salad features a bed of chopped lettuce and spring mix topped with grilled chicken, praline almonds, strawberries, applewood-smoked bacon, and a Tuscan cheese blend (Parmesan, Asiago, and Fontina), served with Champagne Vinaigrette.

It's normally $7.49 but I received this courtesy of Wendy's.

The strawberries on my salad were really good. They were sweet with a vibrant color and no weird odds or ends. The lettuce and spring mix were fresh and crisp.

The chicken pieces were fairly thick, moist, and warm with a nice seasoned flavor. The bacon added crunch, salt, and smokiness.

The Tuscan cheese blend added some nuttiness, sharpness, and creaminess but also a slight bit of grit from the parmesan.

The almonds were good for a sweet, slightly caramelized crunch. The Champagne Vinaigrette was similarly sweet but also added a balancing tanginess and seasoning from alliums. There was none of the fruity notes of the dressings for previous summer salads from the chain though.

All-in-all, Wendy's Summer Strawberry Chicken Salad came together very well with a nicely balanced mix of flavors and textures. There's sweet, salty, tangy, and savory elements along with just a touch of bitterness (from the bacon and almonds) to go with various crunchy, soft, crisp, meaty, and juicy components.

Nutritional Info - Wendy's Summer Strawberry Chicken Salad (not including dressing)
Calories - 360 (from Fat - 160)
Fat - 18g (Saturated Fat - 7g)
Sodium - 790mg
Carbs - 14g (Sugar - 7g)
Protein - 41g

Nutritional Info - Wendy's Champagne Vinaigrette (50g)
Calories - 90 (from Fat - 50)
Fat - 5g (Saturated Fat - 1g)
Sodium - 280mg
Carbs - 11g (Sugar - 10g)
Protein - 0g

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