Jul 30, 2021

Domino's New Blockbuster 4 Pizza in South Korea Looks Like It's Topped with Squid "Flowers" and Broccoli "Trees"

Domino's new Blockbuster 4 Pizza over in South Korea offers a different combination of toppings on each quarter of the crust to represent different beef and seafood dishes representing cities different countries, including Switzerland, Canada, the US, and Spain. Interestingly, the US portion looks like it's topped with squid "flowers" and broccoli "trees" for a pretty interesting appearance.

As best as I can figure out, the US (Louisiana) "horseradish calamari" quarter of the pizza comes topped with flower-shaped squid tossed in horseradish sauce, broccoli, bacon, and sweet chili crab (which is a Singaporean specialty...).

The Swiss (Zurich) portion offers a take on "steak fondue" that includes Black Angus beef, roasted potatoes, green bell peppers, and quattro cheese fondue.

The Spanish (Leon) section, "smoky beef tapas," includes grilled beef, smoky tomato sauce, pineapple, and mushrooms, while the Canadian (Vancouver) "white cream shrimp" section features shrimp with cream sauce along with corn and a sprinkling of parsley.

Quarter-topped pizzas are actually a common special on the menu at Domino's in South Korea as the Blockbuster 4 is one of three premium-end quattro pizzas currently on offer. Half-and-half pizzas are also normally featured on the menu.

Photo via Domino's South Korea.

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