Jul 6, 2021

Subway Updates Menu with New Ingredients and Sandwiches Plus Free Subs on July 13, 2021, 10 AM to Noon

Calling it the "largest menu update in [the] brand's history," Subway's "Eat Fresh Refresh" sees over 20 menu changes including 11 "new and improved" ingredients, six new or returning sandwiches, and four revamped "signature" sandwiches starting Tuesday, July 13, 2021. To mark the change, Subway will have up to one million subs up for grabs on July 13, 2021, from 10 AM to noon, at participating locations nationwide.

Specifically, participating restaurants will each give out up to 50 free 6" Turkey Cali Fresh subs to the first 50 guests who come in and ask for them on July 13, 2021, from 10 AM to noon.

As far as the ingredient changes go, here are the details:

- Artisan Italian Bread (new recipe) - It's meant to have an "enhanced flavor and heartier texture" with a crispy crust and soft center. 

- Hearty Multigrain Bread (new recipe) - Made with Amber soft grain and three types of seeds and featuring naturally sweet flavor.

- Smashed Avocado - Hass avocados smashed with sea salt.

- BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella - Fresh mozzarella made with fresh local milk. It features a soft and delicate texture.

- MVP Parmesan Vinaigrette -  Features multiple herbs and notes of garlic and parmesan for a bright and tangy flavor.

- Bacon - New crispier bacon that's been hickory-smoked for five hours on hardwood with no artificial flavors or colors.

- Black Forest Ham - It's now sliced deli-thin.

- Oven-Roasted Turkey - New slow-roasted turkey is sliced deli-thin.

- Steak - New shaved steak is "thicker and juicier than ever." For more flavor, it's seasoned, marinated, and glazed.

- Rotisserie-Style Chicken - Back by popular demand. Hand-pulled, juicy and tender, the chicken is seasoned with the secret rub that gives it the flavor guests crave.

- Roast Beef - New premium Angus roast beef also means roast beef is back on the menu.

For the six new or returning subs, here's what you can expect:

- New Turkey Cali Fresh - Oven-roasted turkey, hickory-smoked bacon, smashed avocado, BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella, mayo, spinach, red onion, and tomatoes on Hearty Multigrain bread.

- New Steak Cali Fresh - Steak, hickory-smoked bacon, smashed avocado, Belgioioso Fresh Mozzarella, spinach, red onion, tomatoes, and mayo on Hearty Multigrain bread.

- New All-American Club - Oven Roasted Turkey, Black Forest Ham and hickory-smoked bacon, with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and red onions on toasted Artisan Italian bread.

- Subway Club (back by popular demand) - Oven Roasted Turkey, Black Forest Ham, Roast Beef, Lettuce, Tomato, and Red Onions on Hearty Multigrain Bread.

- Rotisserie-Style Chicken (back by popular demand) - Rotisserie-Style Chicken with your choice of veggies, cheese, condiments, and bread.

- Roast Beef  (back by popular demand) - New premium Angus roast beef with your choice of veggies, cheese, condiments, and bread.

The four revamped signature sandwiches include the Oven-Roasted Turkey, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Black Forest Ham, and Steak & Cheese as they take advantage of the new ingredients.

To prep for the new menu updates, over 10,000 Subway locations across the country will close at 6 PM local time on July 12, 2021.

Photo via Subway.

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